May 1st, 2020

Cumgirl8 – Cumgirl8 (muddguts records)

So we’re in week 317 of quarantine, and if you’re anything like me, your ambition is starting to wane a bit.  Maybe the living room is getting cluttered, or the sink is full of dishes.  Maybe you haven’t showered in a day… or two… or whatever, we don’t judge here.

The point is, things are a bit messy right now.  And cumgirl8’s self-titled cumgirl8 EP is the perfect embodiment of that messy, filthy, dirty side that is coming (cumming?) out in all of us.

cumgirl8 is fronted by Veronika Vilim, who made the familiar jump from model to punk band frontwoman.  The vocals are rough, but in the way that they should be: with such messy guitars and drums behind, a classically-trained singer would sound out-of-place.

It was difficult for me to get into most tracks, as they tend to skew toward a ridiculous level of disjointedness.  “Blue Planet” (a song about planetary colonization?) and “Waffles” (a song about breakfast foods?) aren’t bad, but neither one hits my wheelhouse – and the rest dive too far into insanity without providing a rope to pull out if it.  Definitely check it out if it’s your thing, though.

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